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Blue Teams (Ages 11-14)
All teams will be trained/coached by experienced people ensuring all teams of qualified technique and up to date skills.  All girls will get a fair evaluation at tryouts.  All girls will be trained in agility and plyometrics.  Our club will have opportunities for everyone (either on a team or involved in trainings.)  We will offer additional opportunities in the summer for an additional fee (youth leagues, personal training sessions, camps.)
Black Teams (Ages 11-18)
A dedicated, travelling Volleyball club participating in local and distance tournaments, to include college show-case events, with express purpose of qualifying for the National Tournament(s) (USA, AAU).
To provide young ladies two teams in which to showcase their talents by improving and honing their skill sets at their respective positions on the court.  To provide a venue for U12s - U18s age ladies to solidify friendships and compete at high levels of competition as teammates throughout the volleyball season. This provides inter-reliability and dependence of personalities both on and off the court allowing the team to concentrate on a high level of play at the club and off-season high school levels.
This is a dedicated program. We encourage those individuals trying out for positions on the team to understand this is a single-focused program at this elite level.  Multiple sport athletes that have conflicting schedules are urged to evaluate their priorities, as we will be expecting full dedication to training, practices and tournaments. 
We desire an interactive and intertwined parent level of involvement to include support, camaraderie, respect and encouragement for all of the fellow player parents and players. Social involvement is highly encouraged among parents as we believe this level of friendship filters down to each of the players allowing them to focus on themselves, their teammates and their game.
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