Blue Steel Outdoor SAND Program

Benefits of Sand Volleyball

Playing doubles sand volleyball helps develop players skill in all areas. A player gets many more 'touches' during a game which forces the player to develop all the skills, including the players weaknesses. The result is a better all around volleyball player.

Skill Building and Fitness

The skill portion of the program will focus on specific instruction to enhance the players outdoor doubles game. Ball control is critical to the doubles game and will be a primary focus.

The fitness portion of this program will focus on quickness, agility, and jump training. This will benefit anyone who wants to improve their overall conditioning for volleyball.

Situational Game Play

Situational game play will primarily be a queen of the beach format. This allows the players to get experience playing with multiple partners with different strengths and weaknesses. Players will be split up by age and/or skill level to make the league as fair as possible.

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