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Our mission is to provide opportunity to all girls who want to better their volleyball ability, technique, and their attitude towards the sport of volleyball.

Since 2005 Blue Steeel Volleyball club has been working towards making every athlete who walks into our gym a better person, athlete and volleyball player.  Our coaching staff is committed to the success of our athletes both on and off the court.  We are blessed  with the opportunity to shape, educate and train 100 plus young ladies on a yearly basis. Blue Steel's staff includes  some of the most respected coaches in the Metro East with experience at the junior and collegiate. You will find several of our coaches in the local junior high, high school, and college programs.


Beginners to elite level athletes will find that our training develops personal accountability towards progress and success.  Our players enjoy the privilege of making and being productive participants in high school, college and university volleyball programs.  

Disciplined and Structured practices are designed to get and optimum amount of touches and keep all athletes engaged regardless of age or level of play.  A culture that promotes success through team work and strong work ethic has been our signature and our testament.

Why Blue Steel Volleyball?  Because our organization is defined by the success of those athletes that we have been fortunate to have trained in our gyms.

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